Is Tinder app made for romantics?

Are you romantic? In front of a film with rose water you hold your breath at the time of the kiss? You flip on your sofa when Celine Dion starts the song of the credits? At the time of love 2.0., Is it possible to find love on the internet? The Tinder dating app is it really for you?

Tinder remains to this day the mobile application of meeting the easiest of use. We do not waste hours filling out his profile.

The first connection is linked to our Facebook profile, we add some photos and we choose three criteria: age group, sex, and place. And here we are, as in front of a catalog Ikea that we leaf through, looking for a nice boy.

On Tinder, we go straight to the point, a picture comes to us, we “swipe”. Namely, it is dragged to the left when the candidate for love does not please us, or to the right when badaboum our heart (or body) is booming.

If elected, we, too, chose, then there is the grail, we have “a match”, a mutual attraction that will allow us to chat until late at night about our best Guacamole recipe , from John Snow or our best shot.

There were 10 million “Tinder Match” per day in 2015 … It is therefore more likely to find affinities on the app than to win the Euro million. But when you’re a girl a little bit romantic, the supermarket side of social networks scares us, especially when we hear others talking about it.

Have a hookup via Tinder

If the network has a soft name like a candy, the truth is more raw. On Tinder, we do not waste time, when we match someone, it happens very often that the purpose of the exchange of small messages is a blow of a night (but finally in a bar after a bottle of wine speaks the Syrian crisis?).

So why not ? After all, making love is good for the body, mind, and frankly we are less aggressive when we had a night two and had a vaginal orgasm or clitoral.

But if we look for the great Love (yes the one with a big A like Hallelujah) we have to play it sincere.

Complete your profile on Tinder to avoid wasting time …

“I do not look for guys for a night”, “I like to take the time to get to know people before meeting them”.

It is useful to make a small text to drive out all men who are looking for a place to park their gear.

Choose photos that illustrate our desires to meet a man

We do not say the same thing about us with a cliché in swimsuit, curved breasts and oily mouth in no-make-up-marinière.

There are no “good” or “bad” pictures, but all say something about us.

And find love on the Internet in all this?

Well, Tinder is like in life. We meet everything, people who will be friends, disappointing people, beautiful ones who will be perfect lovers, nice guys, others very vulgar, or who make puns. When we are romantic we can put romance where we want.

And when you’re an indecipherable lover, believe it, the sound of bells vibrating when our phone tells us that, that’s it “we have a match”, it’s nothing more than the song of hope . This one gives the smile, instantly.