Tinder Online : How to use Tinder on PC and Mac?

No need to introduce Tinder, the application that has undeniably revolutionized the way we meet people. By surfing on mobile geolocation tools, it is now possible for us to chat with a girl who is just 500 meters from us, just waiting for our photo.

Well 5 years after its creation, Tinder’s team seems to want to take the opposite path of the incredible leap forward it has allowed in terms of dating. Indeed, Tinder would now not only be available on our mobile, but on computer thanks to a new version of Tinder PC and MAC: Tinder Online.

Is it really such a good idea? And the principle of the platform of encounter, which has cardboard precisely because it allowed to create a real instantaneity between perfect strangers can it be transposed on computer? I am trying to answer this thorny question in the following article.

Swipe on your Desktop Computer Thanks to Tinder Online

Did you know that before Tinder launched Tinder online (visit the website here), it was already possible to enjoy the application on his computer. Indeed, there were different ways to swipe left or right on a PC, including using an Android emulator (like BlueStacks), installed on your device.

The other alternative available to serial daters who felt more comfortable chatting with beautiful strangers on a keyboard was to install Flamite. Before it was banned as a result of Tinder in-person pressure, Flamite was the quickest and easiest way to use Tinder on a PC or Mac.

It was actually an extension of the Google Chrome web browser, which could be installed on his computer and allowed Tinder to open directly into a new web page. The interest was mainly to dialogue with his games directly on his pc, but also to see all the pictures of your target profile on your screen.

Why create a Tinder version for PC?

No need to go through its solutions more or less convenient to use Tinder on PC. The application has indeed made a name for itself (after revealing the existence of Tinder Select, a VIP version for celebrities and the most popular profiles) by launching Tinder Online.

Tinder’s PC or Mac version works in much the same way as the mobile application. You can also connect via your Facebook account and swipe the photos that will be displayed on your screen with your mouse (and your finger).

But what is the interest of Tinder PC, and why use an application that works perfectly on mobile (and works on the principle of geolocation, which does not exist on computer)? One may even wonder where this crazy idea comes from.

In fact, the reason for this new version of Tinder is rather simple. Indeed, the application wants to develop in new countries, where it is not yet well established. This is particularly the case in developing countries, where users do not have smartphones, but older phones, which do not have enough storage space to download applications and do not yet have Edge technology. In addition, 4G plans in these countries are not as accessible in France.

This is why Tinder made the decision to launch Tinder PC (or Tinder Online) so that the inhabitants of these emerging countries can also find love (or rather a story without a future) on the famous application. A good way to grow your community (and its turnover, at the same time).

Tinder PC: what’s new?

Is there a big difference between Tinder Online and the classic mobile version? Well no ! Apart from the size of your screen, you should not see much again with this Tinder PC.

The Tinder team has nevertheless made the effort to develop a platform quite close to the smartphone version, very refined and intuitive, where you can swipe the profiles suggested and be able to discuss your games, which will appear on the left of your screen.

The main difference with the mobile application is that it is not possible to use geo-tagging on your PC. This is why you will have to manually enter the city in which you are (or your address) and the radius in which you would like to meet your soul mate. In short, nothing new under the sun.

So if you go to the other side of the world or you are traveling to a country where you do not have the Internet other than on your PC or Mac, you know what you have to do … Install Tinder Online and learn a new language to approach locals.

Is Tinder Online free?

Just like the mobile version of Tinder, there is a free version and a paid version of Tinder. We are talking more exactly about the Freemium model. The application is free for all but you can get more likes, super likes and option by taking a subscription.

Should I use Tinder on PC?

Except this case (rather rare, I grant you), I really do not see any interest in using Tinder PC. Indeed, this new computer version is completely stripped of what makes it so unique. Because if we enjoy flirting with Tinder, it’s only for its mobile, intuitive side (swiping left and right) and the geolocation tool that makes a gun accessible virtually on the other side of the street. make your metro trips a lot more exciting.

Tinder Online has recently been launched in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia and the Philippines. This new version also exists in Europe, particularly in Sweden and Italy, and in France. Not really revolutionary, but you never know. On a misunderstanding, it can perhaps work!